P4/5 Homework Template – Reading-Question Writer Task

Primary 4/5 Homework – Reading Question Writer Task


Your task this week is ‘Question Writer’.


You should write down 5 ‘HOT’ questions, which could be about the character, setting or plot from the book you are reading. Remember a ‘HOT’ question is one which does not have a yes/no answer – also the answer should be more than one word – an outstanding question would make you answer with a long sentence during which you need to explain your reason.

You have been provided with a sheet to do your questions on.

Why …….. is often a good word to use at the start of your question.

To help you think of questions use some of the ideas on the higher order question bookmarks – target the RED Zone.


P4 Rocket Questions

P5 Skyscraper Questions

During the ‘Literacy Circle’ session (normally the following Tuesday to the homework being set) you should be prepared to share your questions with the group.Remember their answer may not be the same as what you think but it could equally be correct as long as they can explain and provide evidence for their thoughts.