Make a Difference – Toy Sale – Latest News

November 27th

WOW ! what stars everyone has been. The recycle toy sale was a roaring success with every pupil having the opportunity to visit the sale. There were many happy customers served by the friendly ‘Fundraising Team’ supported by P4/5. The slideshow provides a flavour of the event.

And how much did we raise I hear you ask ? – Well we have a very heavy piggy bank which the team need to count out – SO WATCH THIS SPACE!.

 Note –

Keep looking back for an update. Remember the sale is on Friday 27th November from 10:45. Each class has been allocated a time, starting from P1.

Prices have been set by the team at, 50p, £1, £2 and £3.

For smaller items and books we will sell a “handful” for 50p.

The “Fundraising Team” cast their votes today on how many charities they should support (they have identified 4 on a shortlist) and which ones to support in order of preference.

The results are still to be shared with the team, once this has been done then details will be posted on the website.

November 25th

Everyone has been so generous, the ‘Fundraising Team’ spent today sorting out all your wonderful recycled donations.

Some samples of what we have on offer are found below.

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November 23rd

Recycle Toys, DVDs, puzzles, games, sift cuddly toys, books and many more items have been kindly donated today. Below are a few pictures of the items which will be on sell on Friday.

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November 20th

At assembly today the ‘Fundraising Team’ informed the whole school of this up and coming exciting event. Details have been published in the latest Homelink newsletter (No 7) and the following was sent home with each pupil.

Toy Sale – 27th November 2015

The Make a Difference ‘Fundraising Team’ are holding a Recycle Toy Sale on the 27th Nov. We would really appreciate if you could

  • Look out any good quality used toys, books, DVDs, video games, CDs etc that you no longer want.
  • Bring them to Mr Hyde’s classroom by the 24th
  • Remember to look on the school website from the 25th November to see what is for sell.
  • Bring in some money to buy some recycled goodies.

Not only will you have the opportunity to make a difference by recycling your previous loved toys also ALL profits from the sale will go to charity for children less fortunate than the pupils at Buckstone.

Thank you for all your support from the Make a Difference – Fundraising Team.