Turnhouse Community News April 2016

Scarlett in P3M started Brownies.  Cool!

Jack in P5/6W is proud of running a mile in Go Run For Fun.  Wow!

Dexter in P6B got 3m 83cm in a long jump!  Amazing!

Alistair in P6B also did a long jump and got 3m 21cm!  Fab!

Lilli in P6B moved up a belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Awesome!

Dani in P6F did a football match and won 18-1.  Wow!

Max in P6F is in the Newspaper as he is in Oliver at the Playhouse!  Cool!  He also met Susan Boyle!

Libby, Emily and Skye in P6 did a bake sale for PDSA and rasied £125!  Amazing!

Liam in P7M won a rugby tournament.  Fab!

Georgia in P4C got her roundoff off a beam.  Wow!

Carys in P4G moved up to academy in street dance.  Cool!

Alisa in P4G became a seconder in Brownies.  Amazing!

Micheal in P4/5 made a robot out of connects.  Wow!

The whole of p4/5 are happy to have done Go Run For Fun.  Cool!