Welcome P1/2D

Welcome Dolphins

Just a short message to welcome my P2s back to school and to my P1s who are starting their journey in Buckstone Primary School.

P1/2 Doors

P1 will enter and leave the school building with the other P1 classes and the same will happen for P2. I will alternate the days I am at each door. A PSA- Mrs Tulloch or Mrs Campbell will be responsible for the door I am not at. For example:

I will be at the P1 door on a Monday, Wednesday and alternate Friday

I will be at the P2 door on a Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Friday.

I will try my best to remember the order but please excuse us if we get a little mixed up!!!


All P1 and P2 classes are working on a mini topic linked to the story ‘The Rainbow fish’. We will have the opportunity to work with our stages for some of the key learning.

PLPs/ E journals

Each child in P1 and P2 will have a learning e-journal. This will be added to or set up in the coming weeks. We will also send home target sheets and an evidence of learning bag home so your child can share their learning with you.

Important days

Gym day: Friday

Library day: Tuesday

Activity time: Friday (mixed with all P1 and all P2 classes)

Homework Bags

All P1 children should purchase a new homework bag. A letter has gone home about this. I still have all of my P2 bags which have been passed on from your child’s previous teacher so it is not necessary for my P2s to purchase a new bag.


I may require parent helpers in the coming weeks. I will keep you informed about this.

Please can you send any ‘junk’- boxes, cartons etc to school with your child so we can collect this to complete junk modelling activities in our classroom and in the shared infant learning area. Merci! 🙂

If you have any questions please just ask.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Davidson