Yearly-Set-Up of Website (Annual Maintenance)

WordPress – Annual Maintenance

These activities require to be undertaken at the end/beginning of each academic year, so that old posts (blogs) are archived and the new class configuration set up.

Also there is a chance for general maintenance to remove “bad” incorrect data.

Deletion/General Tidy/Move

All Posts flagged as ‘uncategorised’ to be:

  • Deleted if no other category – BE CAREFUL – there are a few to keep – eg Templates
  • Or ‘uncategorised’ flag removed. (quickest option would appear to be the “Quick Edit” option – then amend the category.

All Posts flagged as ‘Draft’ (they have not been published) to be deleted.

All Posts linked to the “high-level” blog post eg P2B-Blog, reviewed and link removed as all Blogs should be either News or Homework. The highlevel (parent) blog eg P2B-Blog will display all postings which are linked, eg Home-Learning & News.

Review Categories and check for any unusual postings – this helps clean up postings

Create new Category – Archive-15/16 and attach to parent z-Archive

Create new Tags in the format – 15/16-P?

Migrate last year’s class postings across to Archive-15/16 and add Tag. This takes a LONG TIME as need to go into each posting and edit this information – use “Quick Edit” from the Postings page.

It is useful to do a class at a time to help control the process

Delete all “Comments” (some may be spam)

At last time to add new records – Class Structure

Create category for the new class – P?-Blog, P?-Home-Learning, P?-News

Create a parent/child relation Category Menu structure.

Add the new Categories to the drop down menus which are displayed on the School Website. Use – Appearance/Menus/Categories

Note for a composite class you need to add it twice to each stage, eg P4/5, attached to both P4 & P5.

You should delete any old classes – remove from the menu structure, and then delete the category. (Naturally, check there are no postings still attached to the category).


Delete all posts prior to Easter break and the assiciated media file (pdf of the homelink news)


Review the users – both Delete/Add users – click-here

WELL DONE job complete for the year.


What have we learnt

Some staff are attaching a Blog Post to the high level parent – eg, P2D-Blog, there is no requirement to do this.