P5 Homework – Wednesday 21st September 2016

Hello and welcome to P5 HOMEWORK!

This week we will have Spelling and Numeracy homework. However as the term progresses and we learn more and more about the Earth’s structure (Epic Earth) we will have fortnightly topic homework as well. Your child should also be bringing home a reading book and they will be directed in school as to how much they should be reading each week.


This week our spelling rule is adding ed and ing to the end of a word with a double consonant. Here is a list of the words we will be using to learn and understand this rule.

chatting   strumming   knitting   ragged   scrapped   skinned   throbbing   strapping   whipping   shredded   skidded   banned

Alongside these words we will also learn 3 “tricky” words. They are –    could   should   would

At home, to help you learn this week’s rule we ask that you write out your list of words and use one colour of pencil for the consonants and one colour for the vowels. A piece of paper can be taken from school for this task.

A spelling test will be done throughout the term (not necessarily weekly) to test spelling rules from more than one week. This will be done through dictation where the words will be part of a sentence.


This term we are learning about Place Value, 2d/3d shape as well as times tables. Your Numeracy homework is to play a Numeracy board game which will hopefully help to improve your recall of times table facts. Your child will bring home a copy of this board game. A link to it can also be found below.

multiple-mania-gameboards (page 1)