P2 Homework: Week beginning 19 September


We are revising the sounds ‘igh’ and ‘y’ this week.

Work on reading and spelling the words below:

bright                      my

fright                      why

fight                        shy

light                        fly

might                      cry

night                        fry



Please find attached the tricky word sheets which we are continuing to revise.

Block Three Tricky Words (August)

Block Two Tricky Words (August)



We are working on place value in class. We can talk about how many tens and units are in a number: 36= 3 tens and 6 units.

Choose a few 2 digit numbers and identify how many tens and units are in that number.

Click on the link below to work on this skill

Shark Numbers



We have been identifying the continents of the world. Here are two links to work on at home.