P1 Homework- 28 September


This week, we have been learning the sounds and letters ‘d’, ‘o’ and ‘g’.   Use your sound cards to help you recognise these sounds / letters and remember to keep revisiting the sounds previously taught.  Work on saying the sound correctly when you are shown the letter.  If you would like an additional challenge then try building some two and three letter words using the sounds you know.

Please also keep working on forming letters correctly using the sheet sent out last week.  Can you form all the letters in your name correctly?

Letter formation



Work with someone at home on the following activity (which can also be found on the ‘Maths Wall’ previously sent home):

Choose an action (this could be hopping, jumping, tapping shoulders etc.) .  Roll a dice.  Repeat the action the correct number of times.

Click the link below for some counting, matching and ordering activities.

Gingerbread Men