P5 Homework – Wednesday 28th September 2016


This week we will have Spelling, Numeracy and Topic homework. Your child should also be bringing home a reading book and they will be directed in school as to how much they should be reading each week.


This week our spelling rule is adding ed and ing to the end of a word after either a magic e, 2 consonants or a long vowel sound. Here is a list of the words we will be using to learn and understand this rule.

phoned  escaping  thriving  driving  avoided delayed  displayed  flowing  stinging  pretending  cramped  rejected

Alongside these words we will also learn 2 “tricky” words. They are –  world and word

At home, to help you learn this week’s rule we ask that you use the dice game provided. The children used this in class last week and so will be familiar with it.

A spelling test will be done throughout the term (not necessarily weekly) to test spelling rules from more than one week. This will be done through dictation where the words will be part of a sentence.


This term we are learning about Place Value, 2d/3d shape as well as times tables. Your Numeracy homework is to play a Numeracy game each night from the following website which will help your child with recall of times tables. Please see the link below.



The children have been enjoying learning all about natural disasters and have been keen researchers in class. At home your child should choose a natural disaster and write down 5 facts about it. There is space at the bottom of the sheet provided to draw a picture also. They should be prepared to share this with the class from Wednesday 12th October. There is a link to the document the children have been provided with below.


Thank you and enjoy !