P5 Homework – Wednesday 5th October 2016


This week we will have Spelling and Numeracy homework. Your child should also be bringing home a reading book and they will be directed in school as to how much they should be reading each week.


This week our spelling rule is adding ing to a word where the root word ends in a consonant + y. Then when adding ed to a word the y should become an i before adding the ed. Here is a list of the words we will be using to learn and understand this rule.

crying   cried
trying   tried
pitying   pitied
studying   studied
burying   buried
applying   applied
varying   varied
burying   buried

At home, to help you learn this week’s rule we ask that you complete a word search and ask someone at home to solve it. Enjoy!

A spelling test will be done throughout the term (not necessarily weekly) to test spelling rules from more than one week. This will be done through dictation where the words will be part of a sentence.


This term we are learning about Place Value, 2d/3d shape as well as times tables.

Your Numeracy homework is to find 5 objects around your home which are a similar shape to one of the 3d shapes you have been learning about. (eg, toblerone chocolate = triangular based prism)

Draw these shapes and label their properties. (faces, edges and vertices) Paper can be taken from the classroom if needed.


The following topic homework will take us up until the October holidays and can be handed in before we go to Broomlee.

The children have been enjoying learning all about natural disasters and have been keen researchers in class. At home your child should choose a natural disaster and write down 5 facts about it. There is space at the bottom of the sheet provided to draw a picture also. They should be prepared to share this with the class from Wednesday 12th October. There is a link to the document the children have been provided with below.


Thank you and enjoy !