P1 Home Learning 5 October


Our new sounds this week are ‘f‘, ‘u‘, and ‘b‘.   Use your sound cards to help you recognise these sounds / letters and remember to keep revisiting the sounds previously taught.  Choose an activity from the sheet given out at the beginning of the term to help make your learning more fun!  If you would like an additional challenge then try building some two and three letter words using the sounds you know.

Please also keep working on forming letters correctly using the sheet sent out last week.  Can you form all the letters in your name correctly?

Letter formation

Tricky Words

From now on, we will be learning new ‘tricky’ words each week as well as our new sounds.  These are common words that we cannot read by ‘sounding out’ or blending in the way we have been learning so far.  These words need to be learned by sight.  This week, our tricky words are ‘I’, ‘to’ and ‘the’.  These words have been sent home for you to cut out and practise.  Even a few minutes spent on these each evening will really help you to remember them.


We have been learning about pattern this week. With someone at home, look for patterns around you.  These might be outside or in your home or even in sounds that you hear.  Can you describe the pattern?  What is the rule? (E.g. two blue spots, one yellow spot, two blue spots, one yellow spot etc.)

Use the link below to practise continuing patten

Copy the Pattern

Topic: The Circus

Our new topic is ‘The Circus’.  We will be using this topic to help us develop our skills across a number of curriculum areas over the coming weeks.  This week, we have been learning about the different roles or jobs in the circus.  Find out from someone at home what they know about the circus.  Have they ever been to the circus?  What was their favourite act?