P1 Home Learning 26 October


This week, we have been revising all the sounds taught so far.  Keep on practising at home using the sound cards you have been given.  See if you can build some two or three letter words using the sounds you know.

Please also keep working on forming letters correctly using the sheet previously sent home.  Can you form all the letters in your name correctly?

Letter formation

Tricky Words

These are common words that we cannot read by ‘sounding out’ or blending in the way we have been learning so far.  These words need to be learned by sight.  This week, we have been revising the words ‘I’, ‘to’ and ‘the’.  These words have been sent home for you to cut out and practise.  Even a few minutes spent on these each evening will really help you to remember them.


Reading books will be sent home next week.  In the meantime, use the flashcards sent home to help you learn the names of the main characters.


At home this week, work on box number three on the Numeracy Home Learning Wall.  Get someone at home to ask you the number after a given number in the range 1-20 (e.g. ‘What is the number after 6?’)