P2 Homework Wednesday 9 November 2016


You have a core and fluency book home. We are working on spotting vowel diagraphs and tricky words in your reading book. Spot these as your read.  Please complete any other tasks that may be written up in the Reading Records.


We are working on the sounds ‘sp’ ‘st’ ‘sw’ and ‘tw’ in class. These are much easier sounds! Can you write four words into your reading record which begin with each sound.  For a further challenge you could try to write some sentneces with the words you have recorded.

We have started working on block 4 tricky words.  Pelase work on identifying and reading these words

Tricky words: another, have

We will be issuing a Block 4 Tricky Word Wall in due course.


Continue working on counting backwards in steps of 5, 2 and 10

Please also work on counting forwards and backwards across decade numbers eg: 40 41 42 43 or 60 59 58 57