P2 Homework 23.11.16


You have a core and fluncy book for home. We are identifying the ‘magic e’ in words as we read and tricky words. Spot these as you read and please complete any other reading tasks that may be written in your reading records.



We are looking at ‘magic e’ in class. We are looking at ‘magic e’ changing the sound of the vowel ‘a’. This can be a little tricky. Can you think of 5 magic e words that change the vowel ‘a’. e.g. make. Put these 5 words into sentences.

We have started working on block 4 tricky words.  Pelase work on identifying and reading these words.

This weeks tricky words are give, live and work.

We will be issuing a Block 4 Tricky Word Wall in due course.



Continue working on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

We are working on creating and completing number sequences by using addition.

Remember addition involves counting on and using the symbols + and =.

Write down what age you are and add on these numbers to your age,






Christmas songs

Christmas carol lyrics will be sent home soon to learn. Please keep practicing ‘Little Donkey’, ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘Silent Night’.

Click on the links below to practice:

Little donkey

Away in a manager

A starry night

Little drummer boy