P5 Homework – 30th November 2016


This week we will have Spelling and Numeracy homework. Your child should also be bringing home a reading book and they will be directed in school as to how much they should be reading each week.


• Suffix ful / ness
• When suffixing with full, one l has to be dropped = ful
• These suffixes both begin with consonants and therefore the root words do not change.

wasteful   wastefulness
useful   usefulness
graceful   gracefulness
faithful   faithfulness
tearful   tearfulness
youthful   youthfulness
truthful   truthfulness
forgetful   forgetfulness
thoughtful   thoughtfulness
respectful   respectfulness

At home, to help you learn this week’s rule we ask that you write out your spelling words using a phone key pad. Please see the link provided.


A spelling test will be done throughout the term (not necessarily weekly) to test spelling rules from more than one week. This will be done through dictation where the words will be part of a sentence.


This week we have set you a challenge in sumdog, the focus will be multipying and dividing. Enjoy!


Social Studies – Caring for the World

Have a look at this website

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Click on this link

This will help you understand how the recycling process works and what happens next to the different items you recycle look at the videos found http://www.recyclenow.com/search/site/video?f[0]=im_field_workflow_archive_state%3A11

This is a 2 week project – this is the first week with final completion due for the 7th December.

As part of our investigation into recycling we want you to discover how much you recycle in your home.

Your task is to:-

  1. create a chart on which you can record an estimate of how much you recycle.
  2.  list all the different ‘things’ you recycle each day of the week.
  3. record on he sheet how much you recycle – you might want to count the number of items or weigh them or use a combination of both.

The ‘recycle’ machine on this webpage will help you understand how you are helping to make the World a better place

You can use the example chart provided – and you can always add more details if you discover you recycle other items in your house. Example-sheet