P1 Home Learning Wednesday 7 December


This week, our new sounds are th (both as in the sound we make when we say ‘bath’ and also the slightly different sound we make when we say ‘then’). Use the sound cards you have been given to build some words using these sounds.  Don’t forget to keep practising the other sounds previously taught too!

Please also keep working on forming letters correctly using the sheet previously sent home.

Letter formation

Tricky Words

These are common words that we cannot read by ‘sounding out’ or blending.  These words need to be learned by sight. Our new tricky words this week are ‘be’ and ‘she’.  Keep on using the cards sent home to revise all our tricky words.


Please refer to your reading record to see the activity you should complete at home each evening.


This week, count how many Christmas trees you can spot when you are out on a journey.  Who can spot the most – you or the someone you are with?

P1 Nativity

Not long to go until our Nativity performances!  Keep practising saying your lines slowly, clearly and in a big, loud voice!  Keep on practising all the songs, especially Away in a Manger.  Can you teach the actions for the words to someone at home?