I hope we have all enjoyed the first week back at school.

Science Topic:

We are beginning a mini topic on Space for a few weeks.

My P1 children will also be learning all out our Senses.

We will then move onto learning about People in the Past in February.

Just a little reminder- Can all children please return their PE kit to school and also make sure they have a pair of indoor shoes? We have a few pairs missing and we continue to look for these but can you bring in a pair of shoes from home until your old ones appear?! Many thanks!

P2 Cloakroom

I have spoken to a few parents about how busy the P2 cloakroom is in the morning. Obviously my P2s would like to continue coming in the ‘P2 Door’ so I have suggested (along with a few of my children!) that my P2s keep their indoor shoes in the classroom so they don’t need to spend as much time looking for their shoes in the morning. We will see how this goes!

If you have any concerns this term please don’t hesitate to come into school to see me. I am always available.

Miss D 🙂