P1 Homework- Wednesday 18 January

P1 Home Learning Wednesday 18 Jaunuary


We have been revising the sounds sh, ch, th and wh this week. Please keep on practising these with someone at home to make sure you can recognise the letters that go together to make each of these sounds. How many words can you make using these sounds?

Capital Letters

We have also been working on recognising capital letters this week and have been learning about when we would use these. Can you spot any capital letters when you are out and about this week?

Tricky Words

Keep on using the cards sent home to revise all our tricky words. We will be learning some new tricky words next week.


Please refer to your reading record to see the activity you should complete at home each evening. If you have been given a ‘Word Wall,’ please remember to bring this to school in your reading folder.


We have been focussing on addition this week and have been developing our skills in counting on from a number and using doubles to help us add two amounts together.

To practice at home, try putting some of your toys into two different groups. How many do you have in each group? How many altogether.

You can also practice your doubles by singing along to this song on youtube:


We have been learning doubles up to 10 (double 5) using our fingers to help, but if you want an extra challenge you can try doubling higher numbers.


I have sent home a poem to learn. Your child should have brought this home on Monday. You are free to choose another poem if you find out which you like more. You will have the opportunity to recite this next week.


We have been learning all about the planets in our solar system. Can you remember the names of the planets? Tell a parent/carer at home!