P2 Homework 18.1.17


You have a core and fluency book for home. We are revising sounds in words as we read for revision and tricky words. Spot these as you read and please complete any other reading tasks that may be written in your reading records.


We are revising sounds in class this week for example oa, ow, o_e!

We have started working on block 4 tricky words.  Please work on identifying and reading these words.

There is a block 4 word wall sent home with the children.



Continue working on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

The children are working on strategies for addition and subtraction in class.

There is an addition homework challenge sheet sent home in the children’s purple folders that have an example of the strategy on them to help work out the calculations.

Burns Day 25.1.17

In honour of Robert Burns week next week we will be covering the Scots poem Crocodile.

There will be a copy of this sent home with the children to learn.

by J K Annand
When doukin in the River Nile
I met a muckle crocodile.
He flicked his tail, he blinked his ee,
Syne bared his ugsome teeth at me.
Says I, ‘I never saw the like,
Cleaning your teeth maun be a fyke!
What sort a besom do ye hae
To brush a set o teeth like thae?”
The crocodile said, ‘Nane ava.
I never brush my teeth at aa!
A wee bird redds them up, ye see,
And saves me monie a dentist’s fee