Apps to support Maths Learning

We have been using a flashcard App over the last year. It has been very successful in supporting the pupils encouraging then to learn keys facts for their Learn Its and multiplication and division facts.

However, it has been recognised that it has been difficult to share the flash cards with home. To this aim we have investigated some new FREE apps to identify how the flashcards could be shared with home.

Option (A)

DETAILED instructions can be found on the following pdf file – Install-NKO-Flashcards-App

The details below provide an overview of the process


Install NKO Flashcards on your device, either Android or Applenko-flashcard-app-icon

On your device follow this link to install the shared Learn-Its Folder – link

NOTE – to join a shared folder it will prompt you to login

P4/5 pupils may like to use their Office 365 email address

You will need to accept the invitation sent to your mail account.

You then need to enter an Invitation Key

On an android device go to Settings and in the ‘Join; section, enter the invitation key of


On an Apple device go to Settings / Sharing and enter the invitation key

A folder called Learn-Its should appear and the individual files will be downloaded

Option (B)

Install App Quizletquizlet-flashcard-app-icon

Note the way the App is configured you might think you need to sign in to play. (You Don’t).

Select the “search Quizlett”; option – on Page 3

Select Users and enter buckquiz – you will then be able to view the “Learn-Its” which have been set up and also “Multiply-Divide” facts.