P1 Home Learning Wednesday 23 January


We have been learning the sounds ‘ai’ as in paid and main and ‘ay’ as in pay and day  this week.  We have been learning about how ai appears in the middle of words whereas ay usually appears at the end.

Keep practising recognising sounds, reading and building words using the cards sent home.

Tricky Words

Our new tricky words this week are ‘they’ and ‘are’.  Keep practising recognising these along with the tricky words we learned last term.


Please refer to your reading record to see the activity you should complete at home each evening.  If you have been given a ‘Word Wall,’ please remember to bring this to school in your reading folder.


We have been focussing on addition again this week and have been developing our skills in carefully counting items, counting on from a number and using doubles to help us add two amounts together.

You can practice creating addition stories by following the link below:

Addition Stories

Scottish Poetry

Continue to practise your poem.  We are really looking forward to hearing these!