P2 Homework 1.2.17


Complete reading as indicated in their reading records.


We are also working on writing sentences with openers. Can you write any interesting sentences at home using these openers,






Try think of 2 more openers you could use.

We have started working on block 4 tricky words. Please work on identifying and reading these words.



We have been working on 2D shapes in class. Can you find any 2D shapes at home? Name and draw 5 types.Write how many sides it has.

e.g. TV, It is a square and it has four sides.
Use this game to make 2D shapes
2D ShapesAlso continue practising counting in 10’s and forwards and backwards from different starting points.


Our topic at the moment is Space.Continue to record the moon in your Moon Diary.
Can you bring in junk materials suitable to make space rockets next week?
Thank you:)