P1 Home Learning Wednesday 1 February


We have been learning the sounds ‘ee’ as in feet and ‘ea’ as in heat this week.  Keep practising recognising sounds, reading and building words using the cards sent home.  How many words can you think of with the ee or ea sound in the middle?

Tricky Words

Our new tricky words this week are ‘all‘ and ‘some‘.  Keep practising recognising these along with the tricky words we learned last term.


Please refer to your reading record to see the activity you should complete at home each evening.  If you have been given a ‘Word Wall,’ please remember to bring this to school in your reading folder.


We have been learning about 2D shapes during maths this week.  We have been talking about the names of different shapes and the number of sides and corners each has.

What shapes can you spot at home and when you are outside?

We will be moving on to looking at 3D shapes next week and are looking for any junk that you may have at home that will help with our learning (eg small boxes).

Scottish Poetry

Well done to everyone for learning and reciting their Scottish poems.  We really enjoyed listening to them!