P1 Home Learning Wednesday 8 February


We have been learning the sounds ‘igh’ as in night and ‘y’ as in my and why this week.  Keep practising recognising sounds, reading and building words using the cards sent home.  How many rhyming words can you think of using our new sounds?

Tricky Words

Our new tricky words this week are ‘come‘ and ‘said‘.  Keep practising recognising these along with the tricky words previously taught.


Please refer to your reading record to see the activity you should complete at home each evening.  If you have been given a ‘Word Wall,’ please remember to bring this to school in your reading folder.


We have been continuing our learning on sahpe this week.  We have been describing and  learning the names of some 3D shapes and have been identifying the 2D shapes we can find on their faces.

Thank you for all the junk that you brought to school.  It helped us to link 2D and 3D shapes.

Keep looking for different shapes when you are out and about.  What 3D shapes can you find?


We hope you all have a lovely February break and look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday 20 February.