P1 Home Learning Wednesday 31 May


This week we have been continuing to revise the digraph sounds previously taught.  Keep practising recognising sounds, reading and building words using the cards sent home.

Tricky Words

We are continually revising the tricky words already taught.  Keep on practising these at home.


Please refer to your reading record to see the activity you should complete at home each evening.  Remember to keep practising the words on your Word Wall if you have been given one.


At home this week complete the activity from the Home Learning Wall that says:

Give the number after in the range 1-30 e.g. “What is the number after 17?”

Creating Our Shared Vision For Buckstone Primary

This week, you will be given a sheet to complete with someone at home that will help us to create a shared vision for our school.  You will recognise the words on the sheet from our classroom discussion.  Please return your sheet by Monday 5 June.


We are continuing with our focus on food produced in Scotland next week and would like, if possible, every pupil to bring a small vegetable (that can be grown in Scotland) to school on Tuesday 6 June.  We will be making soup using the vegetables and plan to let everyone taste the finished product.  We will assume that it is OK for everyone to taste the soup unless we hear otherwise (or, of course, if anyone has allergies that are known to us).  We plan to use oil to soften the onions and will only be adding the vegetables, water and some seasoning (we will not be using a stock cube or adding any lentils or milk).