Reflective Friday

What have we learned?

  • We learned facts about badger
  • We learned that words that sound the same at the end are rhyming words
  • We learned about the place value of digits up to hundreds and about the importance of zero

What have we enjoyed?

We enjoyed

  • Creating the class charter especially the collage of the big badger
  • Making an extra page for the Snail and the Whale and using our rhyming skills to help us
  • Playing maths games in particular, Beat your Partner.

What have we found challenging?

  • Making two lines that rhyme was challenging
  • Thinking up of lots of rhyming words against the timer was challenging
  • Drawing a picture to match our rhyme was challenging

What would you like to learn next week?

  • We’d like to practice counting with the metre stick
  • We’d like to start learning about measuring