P2D Reading

Thank you all for visiting our classroom after school. Here is summary about how ‘Reading’ will work in our class.

Reading will start to come home on Monday.

Below are the reading days for each reading group. On this day your child will come home with a new core and fluency book. The books will be changed weekly on this day.

I will make a note of each book in your child’s reading record each week. Please write a comment in the reading record or sign it to let me know that reading has been completed.

The Blurbs- Monday

The Illustrators- Monday

The Front Covers- Tuesday

The Authors- Tuesday

Core book– we work on reading skills linked to this book in class

Fluency book– extra reading

Please try to read a little each day with your child.

Discuss what you are reading by asking questions about the text.

Happy Reading 🙂

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Davidson