Introducing the lovely Primary 3 Sharks!


Start of Term

Well, what a busy few weeks we have had! We started the term with lots of ‘getting to know you’ conversations and games, and of course some shark related activities.
We decided that our Class Charter should be ‘under the sea’ themed, so had a lot of fun creating sea anemones and sea weed by blowing paint (…sorry about the messy t-shirts!).

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We have been looking at place value. We can identify the value of digits in a number. We know that in the number 385, there are 3 hundreds, 8 tens and 5 units. Some of us even know how many thousands there are in 4 digit numbers!

We have been reading numbers out loud, placing numbers on number lines in the correct order, putting numbers in order from smallest to largest and largest to smallest, and calculating 1, 10, 100 and 1000 less/more than another number. Some of us even know that 10 less than 406 changes not just the tens column but the hundreds one as well, as the answer is 396!

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We have been identifying the rhyming words and creating our own rhyming sentences, on top of spotting wow words and punctuation in these books.

We have started reading Silly Billy this week, which is a book all about worrying. Talking a lot about our own worries and the worries other people might have, we have discussed how we can help ourselves and each other to feel better.

We wrote our own version of Shark in the Dark, created an under the sea story and wrote a story about magic bubbles that take us to our happy place when we are feeling sad or worried. We love reading our stories out loud to each other!

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Health and Wellbeing
We have been practicing our football skills in PE: working together as a team when dribbling, passing and coordinating our movements.

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