Wk beg:04/09/17

What we have been learning in P4M

Mathematics and Numeracy

We have been learning to create pictograms and block graphs. We can answer questions about the graphs by interpreting the data. The children had fun creating their own graphs outside with twigs, leaves and stones.​

We have continued to explore place value up to 1000 and beyond 1000. We began work on adding tens and 100’s. 


Our class novel is ‘Storm’. Through this story we have been learning about creating an atmospheric setting, exploring powerful descriptive words and phrases, and giving our thoughts and opinions on characters and plot. We will be continuing this next week. We had fun playing a board game that asked us to answer questions about our class novel.

Other Curriculum Areas

In P4M we get to watch the progress of our new hall being built outside. This inspired us to design our own ‘new school hall’. The children worked collaboratively in deciding upon and drawing their designs. They then set to work building models to represent their designs, problem solving and adapting their designs as they went. Great work P4M. 


​​​​​​​​We have started our topic ‘Living Things’ with the children sharing their existing knowledge and choosing what they would like to learn more about. 

What we found challenging this week

  • Adding across a hundred eg: 490 + 20. 
  • Keeping our story corner tidy.
  • Finding ways to construct the equipment in our model halls.

Well done P4M. What a fantastic week. Mrs McClintock.