Learning Stories
This week all of our Learning Stories have come home, for you to see what Literacy and Numeracy targets your child has set for themselves. These Learning Stories will come home on a three weekly cycle (with a different third of the class taking theirs home each week), for you to see how your child is getting on with their chosen target.
There is also a section at the back for Personal Achievements. If there is anything your child would like to add to this section and share with the class we would love to see it, and if anything at school happens we will put it in for you to see at home.

Could all Learning Stories please be returned on Tuesday 19th September for us to start adding to them.


Termly Newsletter
Here is our Termly Newsletter, which will give you a quick overview of what we are hoping to achieve before Christmas.


This week we have been continuing place value, consolidating our knowledge of numbers.
We have been ordering two, three or four digit numbers from highest to lowest and lowest to highest.
Practicing reading numbers out loud, we have worked with a partner to say two, three and four digit numbers correctly.
We have also been practicing one less than, one more than, 10 less than, 10 more than, 100 less than, 100 more than, 1000 less than and 1000 more than a number. We have challenged ourselves a lot with this which has been super!
We have been solving word problems to do with place value, such as “a paramedic has 79 bottles of medicine. What is the best way to group and count these bottles?” or “police officers are getting mixed up between the house numbers 202 and 220. Can you tell them how to remember the difference?”
We did a Postman themed place value challenge, which involved looking at envelopes and answering questions all by ourselves about the numbers on the envelopes. Explaining our ideas and putting our understanding into words has been a little tricky for some. Being able to tell a others why 202 is different to 220 has been challenging. This is something we will work more on.

“Counting in 2s was challenging” – Stephanie
“Hundreds and thousands was challenging” – Sophie and Rozana
“Explaining my thinking was challenging” – Verity, Kianna, Lila and Anna
“I would like to count in 3s” – Verity and Amy
“I would like to learn more maths” – Alfie


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As part of our Silly Billy book study we have been looking at time connectives. Time connectives can include phrases such as “one day” “last night” “the next day” “after some time” “the next week”. We tried to use these phrases when re-telling the storing of Silly Billy and when writing sentences.

For our writing, we used this video from the Literacy Shed as our inspiration. We tried to write an imaginative adventure story, like the journey this boy and his Grandad went on. The variety of ideas were brilliant! We had adventures up into space, under the sea, through a jungle and much more! We tried to show our best quality writing here, by carefully thinking of each sentence before writing it and trying to use wow words and adjectives throughout.
We are definitely getting better at coming up with creative ideas. A few things we need to keep working on are using full stops, capital letters, finger spaces between words and letter formation. Some of us are writing a few letters back-to-front, but this is something we will focus on in handwriting.

“I enjoyed the adventure story writing” – Taylor
“I would like to make my handwriting smaller” – Fraser
“I would like to read a bit faster” – Rebecca


Health and Wellbeing
In PE we have been continuing our football skills, progressing onto more challenging passing and aiming. Keeping control of the ball has been a little tricky for some, but practice makes perfect!

The SSPCA visited Buckstone on Tuesday, and gave a really interesting assembly to the First Level pupils on caring for animals and animal protection.

“I enjoyed passing the football” – Eve


Religious and Moral Education
Our focus for this term is on religious stories, so the children chose to read Noah’s Ark and the story of Buddha. We read it together one afternoon, and really enjoyed thinking about the characters in the story and how we can relate to these stories in our own lives.

“I never knew God sent a rainbow at the end” – Kianna
“I would like to learn more RME” – Evie


Our class has been practising logging into Sumdog with Mr Hyde, which is a really fun maths website. We all have our own log in details, so you can practice these games at home too!

“I enjoyed playing games on Sumdog” – Anthony


Interdisciplinary Learning

As part of our Emergency Services topic, we had two very exciting visitors this week!

On Monday we met John, a local paramedic. He came in and told us all some really interesting things about his job, and he showed us some of his uniform and equipment. We got to hold his bright yellow jacket and feel how heavy it is. Seeing inside his emergency first aid bags, we saw all the tiny bottles of medicine, scissors, bandages and lots of other things inside.
Oh and, I forgot to mention, he brought his motorbike! Everyone got the chance to sit on John’s motorbike – which was very exciting! I would like to give a special shout out to Amy, who at first didn’t want to sit on the motorbike, but was brave enough to do it after seeing the first few people have a shot.
We saw the blue flashing lights, and for showing brilliant listening skills while John was talking, Verity was chosen to turn the siren on. It was very loud!
Thank you so much John for coming out and giving us this amazing experience.

“I enjoyed getting on the motorbike” – Zilan and Anna


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And on Wednesday, we were visited by Dr Catley (also known as Eve’s mum). She came in and told us lots of useful information about staying safe, knowing what to do in an emergency and what to say when you call 999. We must know our address and phone number off by heart, which some of us find a little challenging.
She then went on to show us what to do if someone was choking, using the Little Annie doll to demonstrate. We found out that, after making sure the person really is choking, we must bend them forwards and give them 5 hard back slaps with a palm of our hand.
She then told us what to do if we came across a person not breathing. We now know that, after calling 999, we start giving CPR. It looked very tiring, but it would be essential to saving someone’s life. Dr Catley told us a story about a 7 year old boy in America who saved his 2 year old sister’s life through CPR, which was very inspiring.
Thank you so much Dr Catley for visiting and sharing such important information with us in a really memorable way!

“I enjoyed Dr Catley showing us Little Annie” – Eve and Jonny


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It has been First Aid heavy this week, as we also practiced putting our friends into the recovery position. We know that the first thing we do is check for danger, before seeing if the person is responding, check to see if they are breathing and then put them into the recovery position!
We also practiced putting bandages onto each other. We may have a few budding doctors in the room after this week!


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Learning about police, we have looked at police uniform and we have had some crime solving afternoons.
There was a mysterious cookie eating incident, in which Mrs Conlin, Mrs Imrie, Miss Martin and myself were suspected of eating one of Miss Martin’s cookies. After analysing finger prints, quotations, footprints and clothes left at the scene the children worked out that I was the cookie eater!
Still to this day I deny it …. 🙂
After that, we analysed our own fingerprints, measured our hand span, height and footprint.

“I enjoyed learning about police handcuffs and baton” – Alana
“I didn’t know the police used horses” – Ruairi
“I didn’t know people went up to touch police horses” – Joe
“I didn’t know police horses went to festivals and Christmas markets” – Adam and Peter
“I would like to focus more when labeling the police uniform” – Rowan
“I would like to learn about a different emergency service” – Anna, Amy and Rebecca
“I enjoyed playing Guess Who Suspect” – Naomi and Fraser
“I liked making the suspect sheet” – Anna


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Activities Time
And to finish off, here are some snaps of us outside for Friday Activities Time.
We were making volcanoes, playing animal games, baking cookies, playing an adventure game, climbing, playing hide and seek and digging holes.


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