15.9.17 – P2 Cheetahs: What we have been learning this week.


We all now have a core reading book and a fluency book in our book folders.

Please read a little each day at home.


We have been revising the ‘oo’ and ‘ew’ sounds.

We have been working on using a capital letter and full stop in the correct place in a sentence.

We have also been continuing to  revise the tricky words from block one. Your child will have a copy of these words in their book folder so you can continue to practise at home any which they find difficult.


We have been continuing our investigation into the value of tens and units digits in a number, and are using our knowledge to be able to add 10 to any 2 digit number quickly in our heads.

Please help to consolidate this at home by counting in 10s ‘off the decade’ e.g. 1,11,21,31,41,51

35,45,55,65,75 etc

Challenge – count backwards in 10s ‘off the decade’

Ordinal number – we have also been learning about ordinal number and how to record this using the appropriate abbreviation – e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 21st, 22nd, 23rd etc

Social Studies

On Monday we had great fun outside making castles using natural materials and discussing the key vocabulary – until it rained and we had to rush in.  

On Tuesday we worked cooperatively in groups to plan, design and build a model castle. Lots of masking tape was used and we were very proud of our models. Have a look at the photographs of our work over on our news page.

We started to learn all about Mons Meg. We hope to see it on Tuesday 26th when we are going to visit Edinburgh castle – further information coming soon !


Health and Well being

In PE we were developing some team game skills such as hockey dribbling and dodging.

Miss Martin discussed playground behaviour and friendships with us.



Our new Learning Story jotters were sent home today – please return them to school on Tuesday.