P3M Week Ending 15.09.17

Our learning this week in 3M.


We watched some clips on the smartboard, then we had to continue the story in a writing lesson.  We enjoyed using our imaginations! We focused on using the correct punctuation. We have been talking about VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) to help us check over our writing.

We want to work more on using time connectives such as soon, after that, then, at last.


We have been learning about hundreds, tens and units.  We think we have become more confident in partitioning numbers e.g. 351 is 300+50+1.  We have been ordering three digit numbers.

We found it tricky to say 10 more or less than a number e.g. ten more than 451 is 461.

We want to work with some big numbers!

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We enjoyed meeting a doctor and a paramedic and learning about their jobs.  We learned that ambulances can break the speed limit! We loved sitting on the paramedic’s motorbike!
  • We enjoyed making leaflets about paramedics
  • We found it challenging to remember our phone number as part of what we need to be able to tell the police
  • We want to learn about the coastguard next
  • In PE we have been working on tennis skills