P7A 15.9.17 Weekly Blog

Hello and welcome to P7A first weekly blog. We are so excited to share our learning. Read on to find out more… 


Firstly, we have been developing our understanding of whole numbers and decimals as well as multiplying large numbers using Mental Agility strategies. 

Also we have been learning Maths Thinking  games like 21, tank battle, poison cube and more! We have been creating our own games in all sorts of ways by thinking out of the box. Now we are going to learn the Greek way of 21. 


So far in Literacy we have been reading a book called Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce, we are doing this in order to improve our comprehension, as well as our understanding of the author’s style and book structure. 

In addition to that we have been learning to use Sophisticated Connectives, and Ambitious Vocabulary in our writing to engage the reader while varying sentence length to increase tension in the story. We are using all this to make our adventure story Lost as good as it can get! 

As well as Maths Thinking games, we have been learning to play Literacy Thinking games.  A favourite from this week was Reversiword (ask your child for more information) 


In P.E. we have been discovering that the new skills we learned at camp, such as resilience and perseverance are relevant in school and life. 

As well as that, we have been finding out that we have new strengths such as patience through expressing our Hopes and Dreams in Mindfulness Art.  We have also been discussing and agreeing what charities we want to support. 


We have been working cooperatively to plan our Science topic, the Solar System, to a more advanced level.  We want to learn about the Big Bang, Time in Space and evidence of life.  We have so many questions! 


In ICT we have been doing some housekeeping on our OneDrive to make things easier to find and have learned how to take a screen shot with the snipping tool. 

This week we enjoyed: 

  • Being selected to be a JRSO (congratulations to Sarah G and Anne) and having the opportunity to visit the City Chambers and  to meet other JRSOs. 
  • Learning different skills associated with different types of sport. 

Next week we want to learn about: 

  • Atoms, molecules and light years! 
  • Dividing with large numbers 


Thank you, 

Sammi and Jess 

P.S. photos to follow…