House Captains meet every fortnight to discuss  issues and ideas relating to their house. The House Captians make final decisions or create a short-list of options for classes to vote on. House captains and vice house captains work as a team to celebrate and organise whole school events.

Every year, during the first term, elections are held in school for our new School House Captains.  P2-P7 classes are involved in the voting process.  Pupils are given the opportunity to create and present a manifesto, outlining why they would be a good house captain.

On the election day the pupils get the opportunity to vote for a House Captain and a Vice Captain.  The results are announced in assembly and the chosen pupils receive a badge to identify them.

House Captain is an important part of our school as they provide pupils with an opportunity to suggest ideas and voice their opinion.  Over the past few years the pupils have suggested some wonderful suggestions and our house captains have worked hard to make them happen.

Here are a few examples:-

The Playground                                               A talent show

A school house system                                  Scotter Pods

We will keep you updated!