P3S 3.11.17


This week we have started a new addition and subtraction strategy: using a 0-99 (or 0-100) square. We will be using this strategy for the next couple of weeks.

We found a number on the 0-99 square, before finding 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less than the number. Some of us could find 5 less, 20 less, 9 more or 50 more!


We then used the 0-99 square to help us add on 1 and 2 digit numbers (e.g. 14 + 9 or 14 + 24). If you would like to practise this strategy at home, this video explains how it works: 0-100 square


Here is a copy of the 0-99 square we are using in class (which has the 0 at the bottom, and 99 at the top): 0-99 square

Like with the empty number line strategy, it doesn’t matter how your child breaks down the umber they are adding or subtracting, and it doesn’t matter what they add or subtract first (the units or tens) as long as they can explain what they have done and why 🙂

Parent Drop In

It was so lovely seeing you all at the Parent drop in on Wednesday! Thank you so much for coming! Your children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you! 🙂

A few of you mentioned that you’d like to play more numeracy games at home, so here are a few Topmarks games that relate to what we have done in class so far.
Google ‘Topmarks’ and then put in…‘Place Value Charts’, ‘Shark Numbers’, ‘Hit the Button’, ‘Number Fact Families’, ‘Chopper Squad’, ‘Cross the Swamp’, ‘Guess my Number’, ‘Subtraction Grids’, ‘Number Pieces’ (give your child a number and ask them to show you what it would look like) and ‘Helicopter Rescue’ (counting on & back).



This week we have identified interesting sentence openers (the first word of a sentence) in our reading and library books. Some of our favourites included “Suddenly” “Eventually” “Meanwhile” “After that” and “At last”. We want to use these interesting openers in our own writing!
In the books you are reading at home you could try to spot interesting sentence openers as well 🙂

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We used an extract from the novel ‘Billionaire Boy’ as our inspiration for writing this week. Thinking of our 5 senses, we created our own spooky house description and wrote about what the house looked like, what sounds could be heard, how things felt, smelled and tasted.

Our spelling this week has focused on the word endings ng and nk.
Some words you may wish to practise at home include: bang, hung, long, string, bringing,
bank, chunk, thank, drinking and winking.


Health and Wellbeing

This week we have started intercepting and marking during our ball skills PE lessons, as part of our netball and basketball skills focus. We really enjoyed going outside for this!

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We started off our much anticipated Ancient Egypt topic this week with an absolutely fabulous presentation from Amy and Eve! You two have put in so much work over these past few weeks, but it has paid off! We all loved hearing you speak about the Egyptians, and enjoyed looking at the postcards and papyrus paper as well. Thank you so so much girls!

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After this fantastic introduction, we learned how the pyramids were built. We enjoyed watching the Building the Pyramids videos, before re-enacting the sequence of events ourselves.


Halloween Disco

What a spook-tacular night of dancing we had!

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