P3S 24.11.17

Two things to try this week 🙂
* look at the features of a newspaper
* practise addition calculations using partitioning


Maths and Numeracy

This week we have introduced a new addition and subtraction strategy using partitioning. Building on our knowledge of place value, this strategy involves breaking numbers down into hundreds, tens and units before adding them together.
Here is a useful video that shows how this strategy works: partition addition

We have continued learning about symmetry, creating our own symmetrical shapes that had one or two lines of symmetry. It was a little tricky making our cut-out shapes perfectly symmetrical! 🙂


Literacy and Language

We have continued reading and answering questions on our non-fiction books, and have enjoyed sharing the facts we’ve discovered with those reading a different book.

In writing, we have been learning about the features of a newspaper in order to write an article about our trip to the museum. We have been trying to answer the 5 key questions in our article – who, what, when, where and why. Writing in a logical order – where information about the same issue is kept together – has been tricky for some.

We have revised all of our spelling words this week, practising them by playing a game of hieroglyphic hangman!


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Health and Wellbeing

We have started our ‘Keeping Connected’ topic as part of our Building Resilience focus. We learned in assembly that everyone has a ‘back up team’ of people to support us in life, which is something we will be talking more about this in class over the next few weeks.

In PE, we have enjoyed learning basketball skills and are really keen to play a proper match!



We were lucky enough this morning to have two very exciting visitors! Jo and Clarissa are Eyptologists from the University of Edinburgh. They kindly visited primary 3 to tell us about Egyptian Gods and Godessess, and about the work archaeologists do in the field. We learned lots of interesting details about Anubis, Osiris and Thoth (and of course our favourite Ammut the Devourer made an appearance). We then got to handle some of the tools archaeologists use and we even saw some real objects discovered in Egypt.

Thank you so much Jo and Clarissa for coming to visit us on this frosty morning! We really appreciate all the effort you put into making this a great experience for us!


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Christmas Fair

We have been busy business bees this week creating our salt dough Christmas decorations for the fair. After rolling and cutting our shapes, we painted and glittered our decorations in the hopes of attracting lots of customers! 🙂
It was really lovely seeing you all there, even if it was very brief! I hope you had a fun filled evening, and are now enjoying your lovingly made Christmas craft at home 🙂


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