P3S 08.12.17

Two things to try this week 🙂
*play some place value, addition and subtraction maths games on Topmarks or Study Ladder
*identify the main events in the beginning, middle and end of your reading book



We have revised all of our addition and subtraction strategies this week through playing lots of active games. We enjoyed playing board and card games with a partner, and using a strategy of our choice – or making up our own strategy! If you would like a copy of any of these to play at home just let me know 🙂

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Continuing our learning about symmetry, we practised drawing symmetrical Christmas shapes. Some of us found this pretty tricky!



In reading we have continued answering comprehension questions on our books to test our understanding. We have tried to write in full sentences and give as much detail to our answers as possible.
Having finished reading George’s Marvellous Medicine, we have started reading Flat Stanley as our ‘milk and story’ book. We have also started a mini study of The Man Who Wore All His Clothes, which will have a festive ending!

After writing a newspaper article about our trip to the museum last week, this week we chose our own article topic. We reminded ourselves about the features of a newspaper, before writing on a range of different topics!

Our spelling words this week have focused on the ea sound.
Some words you may wish to practise at home include: tea, meat, east, steal, cheat, beast, beach, scream, speaking and reaching.


Health and Wellbeing

We have continued thinking about how to be a good member of our class ‘back-up team’. We thought about co-operation this morning, and did some co-operative drawing which involved deciding a drawing theme with our group, and swapping our drawings half way through for a partner to continue. Some of us found it difficult to compromise and make a group decision, and some found it difficult to trust others continuing their drawing. This sparked lots of discussion afterwards!



We have been building model pyramids as part of our (almost finished) Egyptian topic. Using empty school milk cartons, we constructed our pyramids before mod roc-ing and painting them. After learning about tombs at the museum, and a bit more about mummification and coffins in class, we have made a mini model tomb to go inside as well. This was a real test of co-operation skills as well. They are are looking super, if you fancy popping in to see them you are more than welcome! 🙂

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