P6W Learning Week beginning 11.12.17

It has been another very busy week of learning in P6W!


  • Listening to the thoughts and ideas contributed by others.
  • Developing reading skills.
  • Developing our editing skills.
  • Summarising a text.
  • Identifying how we can improve our writing, including using a variety of openers, ambitious vocabulary and short, punchy sentences.
  • Spelling words ending in ‘er’.
  • Creating a factfile.
  • Exploring the use of flashbacks in a story.


  • Using our knowledge of place value to partition addition calculations.
  • Using a variety of methods to make addition calculations.
  • Selecting the most appropriate method for an addition calculations.
  • Showing our thinking in several steps.
  • Developing our recall of addition and multiplication facts.


  • Developing our drawing skills.
  • Developing our knowledge of the moon.
  • Developing our Thinking Skills.
  • Developing our knowledge of The Christmas Story and Christmas traditions.
  • Developing our singing skills.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Developing skills needed forball sports.l
  • Developing resilience.
  • Contributing to team tasks.