Reflective Friday 15.12.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have been learning about the games on the iPads – practicing tesselating, and competed with a partner at a game about quick fire addition.
  • We were naming the faces on the objects we used to build Santa’s grotto.
  • We have been practicing our addition and subtraction to find the answer to the Christmas jokes.
  • We wrote a newspaper article many of them about a Christmas disaster, one about a party on the moon and another about a bin lorry breaking down.  
  • Through heiroglyphics we have been practicing our spelling – the sound ea. 
  • In handwriting we have been joining oi and oy. 
  • We have been practicing basketball skills.
  • We have been learning about the Egyptian heiroglyphics and we explored the different contents of the canopic jars.
We enjoyed:
  • PANTOMIME – Beauty and the Beast.
  • Spelling our words in heiroglyphics.
    Christmas jumper day