WB 4/12/17 & WB 11/12/17

What a busy past two weeks we have had in P6T!  We thoroughly enjoyed the panto this week, oh yes we did!


We looked at parts of speech. We looked at what words were nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs and prepositions in sentences.

We learned different winter idioms such as: To give the cold shoulder, To break the ice, To have forty winks, Skating on thin ice and To be snowed under.

We wrote a story based on Scott’s expedition to the south pole. We used our idioms in our stories. Some had tragic endings, we all tried to use ambitious vocabulary and we recorded our super openers and vocabulary on our graffiti wall in class to share our work.



We finished off written methods of multiplication. Most of us are able to use long multiplication. We have also been looking at how maths can be used in space and solving some mini missions using maths. This included: plotting and reading coordinates, lines graphs, calculating durations and using negative numbers.


IDL: Space

We finished our films on a significant event in space exploration. We filmed these using the i pads and sound effects using musical instruments.


In Art we have been learning to draw using 1 point perspective. We have also been creating a 10* hotel for kids using criteria. We got a visit from the Scripture Union. We learned about Christmas.