Wk beg: 11/12/17

Happy New Year!

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have learnt about 5 minute intervals for clocks and we played a new version of Stop The Clock! If the hand is on the one it is at 5 past, if it is 2 it is 10 past and if it is on the 7 it would be 25 to and hour. Here is the link http://coolsciencelab.com/stop_the_clock_harder.html

We added half an hour to a time to help us solve problems. E.g. half an hour after quarter past 2 is quarter to three.

We made our own rocket challenges for time problems.

We had fun revision column subtraction.


We used our handwriting practise to show how we should lay out our work with a title and date.

We wrote new year goals, we had 2 school goals and 2 home goals.

Using our ERIC books we had to find intersting openers and use them to start sentences.

Other Curriculum Areas

In trios, we made weather forecasts. We had to locate towns and cities and put them on a Map of Scotland. After this we designed and created weather icons and icons for the temperatures and wind direction and speed. Then we enjoyed showing our weather forecasts to another group.

We researched information about the weather using the website BBC What is Weather.

What have we enjoyed?

Theo – I enjoyed making our new year goals.

Gregor – I enjoyed our maths sheet at the begining of the week.

Ella – I enjoyed using the computers to research the weather.

What have we found challenging?

Ella – I found 5 minute intervals in analogue time a bit tricky, but iti was easier in digital time.

What would we like to learn next week?

Theo – More time work, I really enjoy it.

Gregor – I would like to learn more about climate.

Finlay – I would like to do subtraction with 4 digit numbers.

Ella – I would like to use the dictionary more.

Roni – I want to find out what our new topic is!