Reflective Friday 12th January 2018

What have we learned?


We drew a book character to make the Library corner more inviting and interesting.

We worked together to make our new table names and pledges, we voted on the theme of sweets.  Our new names are: Happy Haribos, Colourful Candy Canes, Magnificent Marshmallows, Laughing Lollipops, Delicious Donuts, Fantastic Fudges and the Perfect Popping Candy.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been trying to get faster and more accurate in out beat thats.  Lots of us are now working on times tables.

The class focus is on our 3 times table as well as the known tables: 2, 5 and 10.

We have been doing some problem solving linked to durations of time.

Other Areas

Mrs Richie came to give us a Science talk about weather, the water cycle and pollution.

We got into groups to make and present our own weather forecasts.

We made self portraits with New Year Resolutions.

What have we enjoyed?

” We have enjoyed coming back to school!” Daniel and William

”We enjoyed starting to draw our book characters.” Alfie

”I enjoyed holding Mrs Richie’s coral.” Korey

What have we found challenging?

Talking in front of the class during our weather forecasts, beat thats, the self portraits.

What would we like to learn next week?

Cooking, more music, more about the weather.


Have a look at us presenting the weather forecasts that we made.  As well as working as a team we had to use our map work skills and our knowledge of the weather in Scotland.