Weekly Blog P7A Friday 12th January 2018

Happy New Year!  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2018.

In P7A this week our learning has involved:


  • We have been learning to estimate the value to society of certain jobs and their salaries.


Literacy & Social Studies

  • We have been learning how to debate using our Listening and Talking

Skills as part of our Scottish Parliament topic.

  • We have also been learning how to take part in Local Party Class Hustings in preparation for the Whole School Election next Friday



  • We have been learning how to transfer our Basketball skills into other contexts


Next week we will be:

  • learning how to calculate profit and loss in Maths
  • learning how to correctly use verbs, nouns and adjectives for maximum impact in our writing
  • planning our WWII topic
  • planning our own personal project on either WWI or The American Civil War which will be part of a comparative study with WWII
  • learning about the composer Karl Jenkins and discussing his work and how it makes us feel

written by Mrs Magill

Have a super weekend!