What have we been learning in P2D this week? (Week beginning 8.1.18)


No reading home this week. We are continuing to read poems during literacy time.


We are identifying verbs in poems. We are continuing to revise all magic ‘e’ sounds.


  • We have been ordering the months of the year- which month comes after March? Which month is the sixth month of the year? How many days are in May?
  • We are finding the missing number in an addition calculation

3 +      = 12                   27 +         = 36                         How many jumps between 27 and 36?

Work on this at home with a parent/carer. Bring in an example to share 🙂


We are beginning a new topic next week. We will keep you updated!

What we have enjoyed this week:

  • Changing seats!
  • Seeing our friends!
  • Painting Claude Monet inspired art
  • Beginning our new ‘Secret Student’ strategy.
  • Organising our classroom- taking responsibility for areas and wall displays!
  • Performing a poem in a group

What we would like to work on next week?

  • Identifying different flags
  • Create a new role play area in our classroom