P3M Learning WB 15.01.18


In Spelling we have been focusing on  “oa” and “ow” words. This makes an O sound like in bow, toad, pillow and window.

In Reading we have been answering tricky questions to show our understanding. We will continue to do this so we answer in detail.

We have also been learning about nouns, adjective and verbs. A noun is a naming word, e.g. snow, an adjective is a describing word (WOW words), e.g. freezing and a verb is a doing word e.g. playing.

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been describing and making arrays – please see previous post for explanation. Arrays will help us multiply and divide numbers. We enjoyed making booklets all about arrays!

We have also started to learn about Money! Some of us found it challenging to count money. We would like to continue to do this next week.

Other areas of the curriculum:

  • We have been learning about Scotland! We enjoyed learning Scots words when studying Scots poems (The Sair Finger and Sair Teeth).  We would like to spell Scots words next week.
  • We enjoyed researching information about Scotland an want to do more of this.
  • We found weaving strips of paper to make tartan challenging.
  • In P.E we are building our Gymnastics skills. This included forward rolls, backwards rolls, pencils rolls and teddy bear rolls. The teddy bear roll/backwards roll were the trickiest ones.
  • We enjoyed voting for a Party in the P7 Elections!