Reflective Friday 19.1.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have began learning about multiplication.
  • We have been using arrays to help visualise the different groups.  If there are three rows and four in each row the calculation would be – 3×4. 
  • We have been playing an interactive game which you can practice at home.
  • We have been doing lots of counting up and down in 3s and 4s – something lots of the children have chosen to be their personal maths target. 
  • We have been learning about the Scots’ language.
  • We have learned two Scots’ poems – ‘The Crocodile’ by JK Annand and ‘Up in the Morning Early’ by Robert Burns.
  • In handwriting we have been joining the letters obe and ole which we hope the children will start using in their writing.
  • In spelling we have been learning the long vowel sound of oa and ow.
  • We have started gymnastics this term and are excited about doing gym in the new hall.
We enjoyed:
  • Finding out that we’re going swimming.
  • NYCoS singing with Mrs Cross.
  • Voting in the primary 7 elections.