Reflective Friday 19th January 2018

What have we learned?


We have been writing a Daily Sentence each morning to try to improve our sentence writing using VCOP.

We learnt the dge spelling pattern and tricky words: threw and through. (See link below)

Week 12, dge words

We learnt about Robert Burns and tried to sort out the stanzas of the poem To A Mouse working as a cooperative team.  Looking at information about Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

In Reading, we got to choose our own books out of a big selection and work out how much to read for next week.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have continued to work on subtraction using the column method, some of us are still finding this tricky. Don’t worry it will get easier with practise!  We worked on problem solving where we had to work out exactly what the question was asking us to do.


We have also been looking at quarter to and quarter past times.


We are trying to get faster and more accurate at our 3 times tables. We went out into the snow to make arrays on Tuesday. It was great fun but very cold!


Other areas:

We made invitations for the Buckstone Birthday Celebrations. We designed drawings based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

We learnt some new Scots words.

In PE we were doing gymnastics skills including forward rolls.

 What have we enjoyed?

“Doing the To A Mouse poetry.” Sam and Joe

“We enjoyed doing the Buckstone Birthday invitations.” Katie and Lucy

“Voting for the Primary Seven elections.” Lauren.