What have we been learning in P2D this week? (Week beginning 15.1.18)


All children should have a reading book home. Please read a little each day with your child. Point out tricky words, sounds and punctuation- capital letters, full stops.


We have started a new phonics block and we are learning all about the soft ‘c’ sound with a focus on ‘ace’ words.

If a ‘c’ is followed by an ‘e’ then that changes the sound of the ‘c’ to an ‘sss’ sound.

Can you spot any soft ‘c’ sounds in your reading book?

Read and spell the words below

face                           space

lace                           trace

brace                         grace



This week we have been subtracting numbers by counting backwards and also using number lines.

Video link

Addition and subtraction game

Ask a parent/carer to write down a few subtraction facts. Can you work these out?

7-3=      9-4=   6-2=


32- 10=      55-13=

22-12=     33-11=


We have started our new topic ‘Scotland’. How exciting! We have been locating the capital city on a map. We have also been painting the Scottish Highlands.

This week we have enjoyed:

  • Taking away numbers
  • PE- using the equipment in the hall
  • Deciding on a new topic
  • Making a new role play area.

Next week we would like to:

  • Change books in our class library
  • Write stories- linked to Scotland
  • Handwriting!