19.1.18 What P2 Cheetahs have been learning this week.


  • We have been learning about the ‘soft c’ spelling pattern in words such as face, race, place.
  • We learned to spell the words school, before and because. (Remember the elephants !)
  • We continued to investigate rhyming words and used our knowledge to help us write a snow poem.
  • We practised writing instructions and made a list of instructions on how to build a snowman.

On our Spelling City page, you can access the tricky word lists and some fun games to play for extra practice.

  • New reading books should have come home this week. Thank you for your continued support  with practising key vocabulary and signing the reading record. Please note that ‘new book day’ may change for some pupils soon.
  • We are continuing to work in class on predicting, analysing and discussing the wide range of texts we read – including, but not limited to, our home reading books. We would encourage the children to make personal choices of reading material from home and library – school reading books are only a small part of becoming an avid reader.


Numeracy & Mathematics


  • We have been consolidating our knowledge of the order of the months of the year and learning to say which month comes before/after/between etc.
  • Someone commented that their birthday was not on the same day of the week this year as it was last year and this prompted a discussion about the number of days in each month.
  • We discussed the rhyme ” 30 days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except February, which has 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year”
  • We continued to practise and use our subtraction skills.
  • We used our knowledge of bar graphs to gather and display information about our peg pattern boards.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We investigated what happened to the snow as it melts. We filled tubs with snow, brought them into the class and observed how it melted through the day. This led on to a discussion about Global warming.
  • We discussed wearing bright or reflective clothing when outside in the darker evenings and how this might help to keep ourselves safe.