P7A Writing for a Purpose

Last week, I told P7A a little story about the 14 year old daughter of a friend of mine.  Kira The Machine (she has a page on Face Book) has nueroblastoma and is currently back in hospital. Living in the technological world that we do, Kira’s parents thought it would be a lovely, fun and tactile way for their daughter to receive postcards as “Get Well” messages instead of texts. P7A immediately decided that they would like to send postcards to Kira.

P7A are writing jokes and little messages about themselves to cheer Kira up while she is in the Sick Kids’.

Mrs Imrie has given her support and thinks that this is a lovely piece of learning for P7A to be involved in.  If anyone does not want their son or daughter to take part in this writing, please let the office know.

Thank you,

Mrs Magill